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Workshop Building with Straw, modern team building with basic materials

The workshop Building with Straw is a unique training for teams, for the modern project manager, for management teams in times of change. Building with straw - modern? Hell yes! Working with material - so pure - brings out the best in yourself.

When did you laugh and laugh hard during a team meeting, and let your brain crack, and wipe the sweat from your head, and achieve something special together?

Get to know the straw - straight from the land. We at the Straw hotel know the special qualities of straw. Loose straws do not look strong constructively. Bundled, the straw forms very good building blocks for a sturdy structure. Such a structure then offers special qualities: constructively inventive, provides warmth resp. cooling when needed, is shock, storm and earthquake resistant. Straw stimulates the senses and creativity, stimulates fun and plays in people. Apparently dusty perhaps, but when the dust has settled the air is purified

Teambuilding, projectmanagement

Managing a team or a project does not only consist of administrative procedures, financial decisions and sticking to a schedule. Skills for resolving conflicts, social interaction and communication are especially important. If things are not going as planned, the fixed procedures do not offer a solution, then other qualities and competencies must be explored. Practice this in a casual and especially unusual context, and success is guaranteed.

Content Workshop Building with Straw

The workshop is a simulation game in which teams compete against each other. Each team must build a straw structure within an agreed time. The client provides instructions, materials, budget and tools. The teams have to come up with the rest themselves. Criteria for the victory include: satisfied client, within budget, the structure is safe to enter / or to stand on top.

This activity is also very suitable as group activity, purely for fun.

Practical points and price

The Bouwen met Stro workshop is organized outside in nice and dry weather. With wet and cold / windy weather we enter the Barn & Beach.

Rate: For groups up to 12 people € 450.00 per workshop. From 12 participants extra price € 30.00 per person ((excl. 21% VAT).

A modified program is possible for, for example, a training with a specific training goal, for a group> 20 people, or for a group with children. Ask for the possibilities.

Combinations with the other activities from the range are possible.