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Touring on the Elliptigo: the new way of cycling

With this Elliptigo, or the stand-up bike or outdoor stepper, you can combine cycling, walking and stepping with a single device. Riding the elliptigo is like running on the bike, or cycling on a cross trainer. Not only that, it also looks great fun, is easy to do, your joints are not burdened while your muscles are doing well, a boost for the buttocks (ladies!) ... and you drive at a nice speed. Unlike normal cycling, the Elliptigo has no problems with your back, neck or shoulders. No saddle, so no problems with saddle pain. The Elliptigo is very easy to control. Those who can ride a normal bicycle can certainly also drive an Elliptigo. The device is equipped with traditional bicycle gears and brakes, and it can be adjusted to the length of your body. It is a fun, unique and sporty way to make special trips. Pure FUN and a lot of visitors on the way. We have set out some attractive tours for you. Do you dare?

Package sleeping in straw - cycling on the Eliptigo

From the Hayema ​​Heerd you can make various beautiful trips with the Elliptigo, from approx. 15 km, approx. 35 km. or a longer trip. Along the way there are various stopping places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with, for example, real Groningen poffert. Enjoy the special Groningen countryside, drive along winding roads and dikes, pass through ancient villages, medieval churches and be amazed by the enormous and beautiful Groningen farms.

Book a two-day romantic and sporty package. This package includes the following:

  • One night in the straw igloo (or the straw castle), incl. delicious breakfast and minibar with a few drinks
  • rent an elliptigo for a whole day
  • tips and routes for a special trip.
  • Price € 75.00 per person, based on a minimum of two adults. Children rate (Elliptigo suitable for approx.> 12 years) from € 57,50.
  • Book a second night and you will receive a 15% discount on the overnight price.
  • Rental price elliptigo without overnight stay is € 30.00 pppd.
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