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Play with LEGO - surprisingly effective for communication

"Working people should play more again - without prior schedules and protocols, and without a set goal in mind. Because being able to play again, and being playful in your mind, ensures better performance in the workplace". That is the basic idea behind the LEGO meeting. In a meeting or workshop, a question is usually central. Sometimes regular discussions, brainstorming sessions, presentations, pressure cooker discussions are not enough to look at a problem from all sides. During the LEGO meeting we will look at the issue from all sides - a 3D approach.

LEGO blocks instead of the laptop on the table

That is a completely different face: the conference table is full of a colorful ensemble of very many LEGO blocks. Just grab it! Use the LEGO bricks to get started ** to 'build' answers **. Everyone can do this individually and also in groups. Thinking with your hands, playing like you used to do as a child, stimulates the brain. Having discussions with each other on the basis of physical visualisations provides space. For what may not have seemed possible at first, or which you did not come up with yourself, the structures show new insights and solutions. Depending on the question, we work with 'LEGO serious game methodology', or with some special game forms.

LEGO team building tower

Sometimes it is difficult to get employees enthusiastic during workshops and team building activities. When you see the LEGO bricks, you will naturally become enthusiastic. It reminds many of childhood, because who hasn't played with LEGO before. This positive association is a good start for a team game: ** the LEGO tower team building test. ** The group is divided into smaller teams. The assignment is simple: 'build a tower or a bridge'. However, the circumstances under which construction is taking place are becoming increasingly difficult, and you also have to pay close attention to your competitors. Natural leadership, team cooperation, dealing with stress; it all comes to the fore in a playful way.

Very nice group activity if you use the group accommodation

Practical points and price

The LEGO activities can be used as an effective tool during strategy meetings, team building meetings, meetings about product development, leadership training, etc.

Group size: minimum 6 - approx. 20 people. We will certainly find a good solution for larger groups. Ask for the possibilities.

Rate: For groups up to 12 people € 450.00 per workshop. From 12 participants, additional charge € 30.00 per person (excl. 21% VAT).