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About us: that's how it started

Hans and Wil have exchanged the Randstad for beautiful Groningen. The Hayema ​​Heerd farm, in the middle of the unique Middag-Humsterland, has become their home and workplace. They wanted to create a place where everyone would feel at home. It had to be 'primordial' and pure, sparkle, cheerful and inspiring; a special place for meetings, accommodation and relaxation for guests young and older.

No sooner said than done. With the help and dedication of various people, we have succeeded in putting Hayema ​​Heerd on the map as a place for special overnight stays, for beautiful parties and for inspiring meetings and trainings. In the meantime, many guests of all ages, ages, from home and abroad have managed to find their way to our unique place in Groningen. Sleeping, dancing, meeting and enjoying among the straw turned out to be a gift from heaven.

An important force: The people at Hayema ​​Heerd have it! They dare to dream, dare to play. The people of the Hayema ​​Heerd radiate warmth and pleasure. So don't be surprised if during a party the staff in the kitchen are fanatically swinging and singing along and the bartender makes his air guitar sound. Making up the straw beds also regularly leads to hilarious situations; drinking coffee with straw in our hair is sometimes very common.

Naturally Aware

We believe in the power of simplicity, in the power and beauty of nature and in doing together with others. So:

  • we work in an energy-conscious manner
  • we are attentive with the products and materials we use
  • we prefer to work together with people and entrepreneurs who also show sustainability and naturally conscious behavior
  • eat as much organic and local products as possible with us
  • people who are not so easy on the wind have an advantage.

But enough talk about ourselves. Just come and experience it yourself, come smell the straw, come and enjoy this beautiful part of Groningen.