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Party location Hayema ​​Heerd

Something to celebrate? Wedding, anniversary, company party, birthday? Hayema ​​Heerd offers you a party location just 15 minutes from the city of Groningen. The Groningen landscape serves as the perfect backdrop for a beautiful party. The atmosphere of the past has been well preserved in the former large farm. You will find an authentic and robust environment, combined with a surprisingly elegant or cheerful touch.

Choose from two unique spaces for your party. We have a large space, which has a rustic appearance due to the large thatched roof and the impressive beams. And you can party - nice and cheerful and somewhat exotic - on the beach in the "Barn & Beach".

Whatever the reason is to organize a party or outing. Success is guaranteed. We offer many options: a half or full day, for an evening or a weekend. View the wide rang of special activities. If you want a party with overnight stays together with your guests, we offer our unique accommodation options in the Straw-hotel, on the campsite and in unique covered wagons.

Wedding party on the farm, a real barnwedding!

Green surroundings, straw bales with beautiful lace fabrics, sturdy stable, bamboo terrace, apple orchard, relaxed, rustic, relaxed, nothing is needed, there is just a lot, bohemian, festival atmosphere, cheerfulness, bare feet in the warm grass, curious cows as neighbors. With good weather a lot outside, but inside it is also very cozy.

Is there an engagement in the air and are you curious?

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Company party

A good company party is a combination of a cheerful atmosphere, fun activities, something new, perhaps a little playful, good food and drinks, good music. And all that at a location that does not come across as massive and where personal attention is central. A company party at the Hayema ​​Heerd is guaranteed to be a unique party.

Company party

Family party

Is there anything to celebrate in the family? Then you might want to go out with the whole family - an entire day, an evening, or perhaps an entire weekend. We offer many options.

A fully arranged package including drinks, snacks, food, accommodation and breakfast is possible. If you prefer to arrange it yourself, you can. We are happy to advise on what is

Family party


A beach party in Groningen? Is that possible? Hell yes! Enter the Barn & Beach and ** "Pretend you are on the beach". ** If the first signs of spring show up, what could be more fun than a happy beach party? But in the winter too the mega fun is 'on the beach'. You can even sleep in a covered wagon.

Beach party
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