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Special overnight at the Straw-Hotel

"Sleep-in-straw, that's something from the past?"

Yes that's right! And we (and now many guests) have also discovered how wonderful and comfortable a bed of straw can be. Sleeping in straw in our Straw-Hotel is nostalgic, comfortable and special! The bed springs and shines a little, forms to your body, gives warmth in the winter and in high summer temperatures just a little cooling. Such a stay at the Stro-Hotel also fits perfectly if you go for eco-tourism and a sustainable holiday destination.

The Straw-Hotel is very suitable as a romantic stay for two, but also lends itself perfectly as group accommodation for the whole family, groups of friends, for party people, and for meetings, multi-day training sessions

The Straw Hotel consists of three Igloos of straw, a Straw-Castle and the Hayloft. Would you rather not have straw in your bed ?! Then come to sleep in one of the 4 unique Western covered wagons. For larger groups it is possible to book for a combination of the different accommodations.

Straw Hotel Hayema ​​Heerd is also surprising in her offer for:

  • parties and events
  • meetings, conferences, training and teambuilding
  • activities, arrangements and special outings

This TOP location in the beautiful Groningen countryside can be found not far from the city of Groningen.

Straw Castle

In this beautiful room you will sleep on a large bed, made with a thick pack of straw, a comfortable mattress topper, down comforter and beautiful bed linen. And all this very romantic under a mosquito net. The Straw Castle is suitable for two to max. Six people. Ideal and very romantic for the two. It is also a great place for a family with children or a small group of friends. The Straw Castle has a bathroom and a spacious dining area with a beautiful view of the farmlands.

As a prince and princess in a fairytale castle of straw
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Straw igloo

It's round, it's cozy, it's surprisingly spacious inside, it smells like pure and natural, and when you look up, you see the first birds flying overhead. Enter the straw igloo. The straw igloo is entirely built of straw bales, and offers a sense of intimacy and hospitality. Wind and weather are kept outside. Inside it is warm and cozy with a small stove. Enjoy the peace and the beautiful view over the fields from your own terrace. Suitable for two - four people.

Particular accommodation with a view of the stars.
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Hayloft for groups

Eight cozy bedsteads in a row and three comfortable double beds under a beautiful mosquito net. That is the group accommodation in the hayloft. The ground floor offers plenty of space as a common place, for eating, drinking, dancing, playing etc. No hotel or standard group accommodation is comparable. This attractive space is suitable for family weekends, groups of friends or after a party night. All facilities for a great group outing are present. The hay loft is suitable for 14 people.

Unique group accommodation in Groningen. Sleeping comfortably in straw with the whole group. No hotel or standard group accommodation can be used for this!

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Covered wagon

Go back in time and come to sleep in a typical Western covered wagon. The covered wagon is placed with us on the site where you can make use of all facilities. Do you want a truly Western adventure ?! Then book the covered wagon on an expedition. In this adventure you sleep with the covered wagon somewhere in the middle of the Groningen landscape. Do not forget to book a breakfast basket. Success guaranteed!

Particularly spend the night in a covered wagon! Experience the freedom as in the 'far-flung west' - in Groningen! The campfire, the moon, the stars, everything in a beautiful night brings out the most beautiful stories. Sleeping in a covered wagon is magical.

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Experiences of guests

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Dear Hans and Will, the weekend is already over . We have four of us enjoyed our time in the straw castle. Breakfast was fantastic and the setting beautiful. Yesterday we did the inboeringscursus at Egbert and Ciska on farm Knight . That was an experience never to be forgotten . We felt honored to be seeing the first lambs born triplets of the season. it was a great company with foolish kind and hospitable people. The Groningen weekend was a success. Bye! Regards, John, Ellen , Rose and Puck .

star star star star star
Johan en Ellen

It was a very fun and unique experience. The quiet surroundings , the bright sky certainly something magical. Very hospitable people here, nice breakfast in a cozy environment between all the straw. Even when it’s freezing outside , it ‘s in here nice and warm by a small heater. The Wadden are definitely worth discovering , as well as the beautiful surroundings , with its vast meadows and big farms. Hopefully till next time . Sören and Laura from the “small” Belgium

star star star star star
Sören and Laura

Thanks for the great experience . We slept like a prince and princess in the wonderful straw – super cozy ! We like to come back sometime in the summer weather . Greetings and Niels Rowenna

star star star star star
Niels en Rowenna

Easter 2015 Dear Hans and Will, we have enjoyed in your beautiful straw castle! After a nice welcome and a nice ‘ inboeringscursus ‘ at farmer Kees we crawled our nice bed. even though it was we slept wonderfully -5 degrees outside . In the morning we were like smoke -breathing dragons awake! Having been a delicious breakfast to Pieterburen and the mudflats . But first we have cycled a round at the Elliptigo ‘s , what does that tasty. After a wonderful night we sit down to breakfast , socializing with female Fransel . The Igloos places and you invite another visit , there are still so much to do fun things here . And the girls still want to play games again , drumming and sit on the swing . Thank you very much for your hospitality and maybe see you soon! Jack , Annie, Berit , Ylva , Jytte

star star star star star
Jack en Annie

Many thanks for the warm welcome and the good care during our stay. We spent the night in the beautiful group accommodation of Hayema Heerd. Inspiring to spend the night in a luxurious way on the straw. We greatly enjoyed our stay, the workshop with the shepherd and the beautiful surroundings. We can heartily recommend the workshop to other organizations that want to learn more about their (internal) cooperation. Our team has learned a lot about leadership roles in which the sheep are a wonderful mirror of our behavior.

star star star star star
Landschapsbeheer Flevoland (Nature&Environment)

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