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Romantic overnight in the straw igloo

The double straw igloo is a super romantic place for young and old lovers, newly married couples, for couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The igloo has a comfortable bed with lots of straw, and a soft top mattress, fine bed linen. At the cozy dining table under the chandelier, you meditate on your love together. Have a drink from the fridge, and wait for the night to hopefully admire a beautiful starry sky.

The straw igloo can be booked as a bridal suite if you want to spend the wedding night at the end of your wedding party in the straw igloo.

Straw igloo for four people

The four-person straw igloo is fully equipped with a large double bed and two separate single beds, a spacious (round) dining area and a mini fridge.

The igloos have their own terrace with a sturdy picnic table. In the summer you can laze in your own sun chair. Sanitary is a short distance from the igloo. Use can also be made of kitchen facilities.

Children love to sleep in the straw igloo, and not only because trampoline and playground equipment are not far from the igloos.

Straw igloo in the winter

Sleeping in the straw igloo in the winter, is that possible? That question is often asked, and the answer is "yes". The igloos are strong and storm resistant due to the round shape. The thick wall of straw suits offers very good insulation against cold and wind. Each igloo is equipped with a small stove, with which it is quickly pleasantly warm. Does the wind roam around the igloo? Inside it is cozy and warm. And sleeping in a bed of straw is always pleasantly warm. Breakfast can be booked. The next morning a well-filled picnic basket is delivered to the straw igloo with fresh hot-baked rolls and hot coffee. Pure indulgence.

Experiences of guests

Dear Hans and Will, the weekend is already over . We have four of us enjoyed our time in the straw castle. Breakfast was fantastic and the setting beautiful. Yesterday we did the inboeringscursus at Egbert and Ciska on farm Knight . That was an experience never to be forgotten . We felt honored to be seeing the first lambs born triplets of the season. it was a great company with foolish kind and hospitable people. The Groningen weekend was a success. Bye! Regards, John, Ellen , Rose and Puck .

star star star star star
Johan en Ellen

It was a very fun and unique experience. The quiet surroundings , the bright sky certainly something magical. Very hospitable people here, nice breakfast in a cozy environment between all the straw. Even when it’s freezing outside , it ‘s in here nice and warm by a small heater. The Wadden are definitely worth discovering , as well as the beautiful surroundings , with its vast meadows and big farms. Hopefully till next time . Sören and Laura from the “small” Belgium

star star star star star
Sören and Laura

Thanks for the great experience . We slept like a prince and princess in the wonderful straw – super cozy ! We like to come back sometime in the summer weather . Greetings and Niels Rowenna

star star star star star
Niels en Rowenna

Easter 2015 Dear Hans and Will, we have enjoyed in your beautiful straw castle! After a nice welcome and a nice ‘ inboeringscursus ‘ at farmer Kees we crawled our nice bed. even though it was we slept wonderfully -5 degrees outside . In the morning we were like smoke -breathing dragons awake! Having been a delicious breakfast to Pieterburen and the mudflats . But first we have cycled a round at the Elliptigo ‘s , what does that tasty. After a wonderful night we sit down to breakfast , socializing with female Fransel . The Igloos places and you invite another visit , there are still so much to do fun things here . And the girls still want to play games again , drumming and sit on the swing . Thank you very much for your hospitality and maybe see you soon! Jack , Annie, Berit , Ylva , Jytte

star star star star star
Jack en Annie