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Eco-tourism in the Stro-Hotel Groningen

Do you want to enjoy beautiful experiences and discoveries, and away from the masses? And do you opt for a eco- holiday, midweek or weekend away? An eco-holiday in Groningen is a fantastic substainable choice. The eco Straw-Hotel Hayema Heerd offers special accommodations where you can stay quite 'green'. The name 'Straw-Hotel' says it all; straw has been used a lot in the accommodations, and you also sleep on a bed of straw.

The Straw-Hotel offers overnight accommodation for two people, for families, for groups of friends, for guests celebrating a party with us. The eco Straw-Hotel also offers special accommodation for companies and organizations that are looking for a multi-day arrangement and a sustainable meeting location. You can choose igloos (completely built from straw), for the straw castle, for the group accommodation hayloft. Those who prefer not to sleep on a bed of straw, or who are afraid of a straw allergy, can opt for special covered wagons.


Straw - the gold of Groningen

Straw is a beautiful and versatile residual product of the golden yellow waving grain. Some unique advantages of straw, and why we are so enthusiastic about it:

  • straw is excellent for constructively strong construction
  • straw is an excellent insulation material; in the winter it retains heat well and with high summer temperatures it offers cooling
  • a structure of straw is shock and earthquake resistant
  • working with straw is so much fun! It stimulates creativity and you immediately tend to play and build with the straw yourself.

Eco and sustainable measures

Green, ecological elements that are parts of our policy and what we use daily in the Straw-Hotel include:

  • power supply largely via solar panels
  • all lighting is LED lighting
  • being critical and creative has reduced gas consumption by about 1/3 in a few years
  • in everything we build and develop, old materials are reused - in addition to straw
  • The large shed (meeting rooms, party room, common guest room) is insulated with natural fiber boards
  • bed linen, towels, shower products for guests are made from organic materials
  • washing and cleaning products are organic
  • breakfast, coffee / tea consists of (organic) products from the region and fair trade products.

In the future we will continue to invest in making the Hayema Heerd more sustainable