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Team building with birds of prey

We can learn a lot from cooperation and communication between humans and animals. During the team building activity with birds of prey you will become acquainted with the special characters of birds of prey. We work with, among others, the hawk, falcons, the great eagle, owls.

There is no time to 'grab a nap'. The birds demand all the attention of you and your team / group mates. The powerful and impressive appearance of the birds will automatically hold your attention.

The teambuilding with birds of prey takes place on the grounds of Hayema ​​Heerd, and takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

Short summary of the team building:

  • Introduction to the birds. Participants are invited to select a bird and to take it in hand. Which bird do you choose from? The great eagle, a spicy falcon, or would you prefer such a colorful owl?
  • Let birds fly in. The experienced falconers give instructions about flying and approaching, after which they practice in groups. An exciting exercise in good communication and information transfer.
  • Self-confidence and mutual trust in the team are central. The tension is increased during this exercise. Make real contact with the bird and it will fly where you want. The bird is challenged, among other things, to fly between arms and legs, just over heads. Who dares?

Business training, team building - working with birds of prey

Group safety, developing natural leadership, empowering each other in confidence and motivating to break through inner barriers. Ao these elements together form part of this special teambuilding with birds of prey. Working with the majestic birds is an unforgettable experience. For that reason alone a very effective workshop.

An exciting part of a team day

Workshop with birds of prey also for larger groups

Looking for a special activity for a family outing, company party, or staying with a group of friends in the group accommodation, then a workshop with the birds of prey is highly recommended. The falconers bring more birds, more species, and this naturally makes the workshop even more special. The falconers tell you everything about the birds, where they come from, about the special characteristics and hunting qualities. The workshop is a combination of keeping birds under control and allowing them to fly, and various spectacular demonstrations of the flying arts.

A super group activity if you use the group accommodation.

Practical points and price

The Hayema ​​Heerd site is ideally suited for activities with birds of prey. Remarkable: in the region 'houses' also several buzzard and owl families. These birds immediately notice if there are strange and even larger competitors on the site. They keep a close eye on the 'intruders' from a distance. Very special how nature works.

The activity is suitable for everyone, young and older, less mobile. Even those who are naturally somewhat anxious can enjoy the event - perhaps at a distance - fully.

Rate: from € 1,000.00 (excl. VAT).

Combinations with the other activities from the offer are possible.