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Herding; count sheep, but differently

How do you learn to work better as a team in a cheerful way in a few hours? The sheep show you clearly.

The assignment is simple: guide a couple of sheep across the pasture, pass various obstacles and bring them back into the pen.

The Sheep-Driving workshop takes place on the grounds of Hayema Heerd, and lasts 2 to 2.5 hours.

Content Workshop Herding

  • ** Demonstration: ** The shepherd and his dog show how important cooperation, communication and trust are.
  • ** Working in small groups with sheep. ** Good communication, trust and complement each other succeed in driving the sheep in the right direction.
  • ** Working with the dog. ** Together with the dog, form the team, enter into contact with the dog, and guide the sheep through the course together.

Herding for Businessteams and companies

Is a department not functioning optimally, or can the team spirit use a boost? The goal of the training is determined together with the trainer. Is it about a leadership issue, breaking through set patterns, or does a team need more self-confidence? Put on the boots and go into the meadow together. Guaranteed, it provides food for thought, handles for improvement and a lot of fun.

Good to use as a meeting break, as part of a team day.

Workshop Herding as a game

A game element has been added to the workshop to increase the dynamics. Points can be gained eg based on fastest time, most obstacles. The team that has performed the best goes home with a prize. And the sheep? They think their own afterwards and start enjoying the fresh grass again.

Great group activity if you use the group accommodation.

Practical points and price

** Rate: ** For groups up to 12 people € 450.00 per workshop. From 12 participants extra price € 30.00 per person ((excl. 21% VAT).

A modified program is possible for, for example, a training with a specific training goal, for a group> 20 people, or for a group with children. Ask for the possibilities.

Combinations with the other activities from the range are possible.