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Workshop Outdoor Cooking

With delicious organic products, with ingredients from nature and with campfires you prepare a delicious meal together with your group. Without the usual tools from the kitchen, but with a lot of inspiration, mutual cooperation, and enjoying cooking outside, you will be surprised about the delicious dishes that you can brew together.

The Outdoor Cooking workshop can be combined with a wonderful cycling tour through the beautiful Middag-Humsterland (= National Landscape). The bicycle tour goes to different addresses where vegetables, fruit, cheese etc. are purchased directly from the farmer / horticulturist. You will then start cooking with these super fresh products. For more information look at: Proud-to-be-in-Grunn '.

Outdoor Cooking is Slow Cooking

During the workshop, fire is central. There is no stove or electric oven. Use is made of a large fire pit and various fire bowls in which fires are made, and coals start to glow. We prepare the dishes in the authentic Dutch Ovens and in a large cauldron. The feeling and taste and smells of cooking outside in a large cast-iron pot, over glowing fire and coal is hard to match. All senses are stimulated.

And is it raining or windy? Then we move the workshop to the indoor beach the Barn & Beach. Cooking together on the beach, but indoors is also very nice.

Cooking with what nature offers us

The workshop offers the unique experience of preparing a meal with purely local and regional products that are pure and organic. For people who are less focused on cooking with natural products, this can be a sensational experience.

Harrie the cook explains the different possibilities of the ingredients and products. We hope that this unique experience encourages you later at home to become more involved with cooking with natural and healthy products.

Outdoor Cooking: is culinary team building

Cooking together with your team in the form of team building, or as a fun company outing. The following applies to both: the result of a good team process is ultimately a delicious meal for the entire team! Various tasks can be divided: lighting fires to get hot coals, washing and cutting the vegetables, marinating the meat / fish, stirring in the pots, covering and setting up the dining tables. Elements such as leadership, communication and collaboration can be discussed excellently in this process.