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A day out with the kids, but no idea where to go?

Landgoed Nienoord in Leek

Landgoed Nienoord is full of surprises. On the estate you will find a family park where you can climb and scramble, take a train ride and cuddle with all kinds of animals. Do you prefer swimming? Then you can go to the Swimming Castle Nienoord. You can also visit the estate itself where you will also find the Carriage Museum. Don't forget the Shell Cave on the estate.

Legio Museum in Grootegast

The Legio museum is about everything that has to do with LEGO. This museum is located in a part (900 m2) of the LEGO Nederland building, which was located here at Legolaan in Grootegast. A historic site of LEGO, since the company was established here from 1963 to 1998. In addition to the museum you can also get started with LEGO. An ideal getaway during a rainy day.

Waddenfun in Wehe den Hoorn

Waddenfun is the largest indoor climbing park in the Netherlands. 45 bridges and more than 300 meters of ziplines. A challenge for everyone, young and old. Suitable for people from 4 years old

DoeZoo, the insect world in Leens.

All your senses are fully covered in the park: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. A snake around your neck ... Stroking a skunk ... And of course kissing a frog! That is a bit different than pictures on the wall of a museum. DoeZoo is outside and inside (more than 900 m2 of indoor pleasure!). And is therefore suitable with rain, snow and sunshine. For everyone. There is always something going on in DoeZoo. Recommended: buy a combination ticket for DoeZoo and the Seal Center in Pieterburen.

The barefoot path in Opende

There is a special path in Westerkwartier: the Barefoot Path. The name says enough: take off your shoes and socks, and walk! Walk barefoot through mud, water and grass. Along the way you can rest in 1 of the hammocks or on a bench. Our forester does it for a while, do you dare? Visit the Tea Garden Blotevoetenhof for coffee or tea with something tasty.

Wad walking with children / Oysters picking

All hands on deck, the ship is leaving! When we arrive at the Brakzand sand place, we go through a ladder and a short walk through the water on board. Under the guidance of a mudflat guide, a walk is made on the sandbar. Then you head for the first shell bank, the Japanese Oyster. You also go fishing crabs and shrimp. The last place we visit is a beach with shells, a short ride and a mini lagoon. After approximately 4 hours you will be brought back by boat. Don't forget to bring your own shovel tent or bucket! Suitable clothing is required, click here for more info.