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A fun day out, sporty and enjoying nature

National landscape Middag-Humsterland

Hayema ​​Heerd is centrally located in the beautiful Middag-Humsterland. A few centuries ago the Wadden Sea and the Lauwers Sea still had free rein and Humsterland and Middag were two Wadden Islands. Only in the 16th century were both islands reclaimed and involved in the mainland of Groningen. The area therefore mainly consists of sea clay and to keep their feet dry, the residents at the time built their homes on so-called wierden. The two former islands together form the Middag-Humsterland national landscape. The area is of great historical and ecological value. The mounds, streams, plots and dikes are characteristic of the way in which this area was formed in the past. Many of the old patterns are still clearly recognizable in the landscape. Discover this beautiful Middag-Humsterland

' t Pronkjewail path

At the 't Pronkjewailpad the hikers discover the gems and the hospitality of Groningen. The G7 of Groningen are central. It concerns the guarantors, wierden, churches, the Wadden, Lauwersmeer, Bourtange and the city of Groningen. In addition, you come through special gems every few kilometers. Together they form the jewelery. You will find the hospitality at the institutions that show their hospitality from Thursday to Sunday by welcoming walkers to their farm, cheese factory, bakery, shop, canoe farm, corn maze, museum, seal center, eel smokehouse or fruit orchard. For registration and more information, please refer to the Pronkjewailpad website.

UNESCO Wadden Sea area.

The area consists of the largest part of the Danish protected Wadden Sea area, the Dutch part that is protected and the German National Wadden Sea Parks in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. The Wadden Sea is not a very deep water area with a relatively flat coast. A large number of plant and animal species are found, including marine mammals such as the common seal, the gray seal and the porpoise. It is also the breeding ground and the wintering area for 10 to 12 million birds per year. Also visit the beautiful Wadden Island; Schiermonnikoog. The boat to Schiermonnikoog leaves from Lauwersoog harbor and is approximately a 30-minute drive from Hayema ​​Heerd.

Kiek over Diek, cycle route

The route Kiek over Diek is a 90 km. long bike ride along the northern Wadden area of ​​Groningen. In the Wadden region you will find a paradise environment for thousands of species of animals and plants. But not only that. You will also find a wealth of old churches, guarantors, small museums, picturesque villages, and nice places to have a drink and something to eat. More info:

Lauwersmeer National Park

In Lauwersmeer National Park you can fully enjoy the beautiful nature. Take a brisk walk, hop on a bike or go on the water. Start your visit at the activity center. The friendly and hospitable staff is happy to help you on your way. Every year many fun and educational activities are organized for young and old. You will find the offer in the activity calendar.

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